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A Full-Service Inspection Service Available in Laconia

Home inspections are so important, they are often cited as a contingency for the seller for a Laconia home to be closed. Inspections reveal critical information about a home that can provide an opportunity to ameliorate problems to prevent larger ones in the future. Whether an inspection is formally required or not, trust a licensed company like Taylor Made to ensure the safety of your Laconia property honestly, thoroughly, and efficiently.

All Types of Inspections, One Laconia Company

Taylor Made Home inspections include inspections of roofing structures, basements and crawl spaces, fireplaces and chimneys, attached garages, and porches and exterior spaces for clients throughout Laconia and surrounding towns. Different tiers are services are available depending on the scope of service required by each Laconia client. The range of services provided ensures that your property is structurally sound, safe, and ready for occupancy.

Providing Leverage and Safety to Laconia Buyers and Sellers

Taylor Made routinely conducts inspections for all types of Laconia clients. If conducting an inspection for a buyer, Taylor Made provides a detailed report to alert the client of any issues that might foreseeably compromise the occupancy of the house in the future. This valuable information gives buyers (or sellers) in Laconia a tool to negotiate with repairs or pride adjustments.

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Monday-Saturday: 7:00am-6:00pm